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Soql tutorial for salesforce – SIGNUP FOR FULL TUTORIAL : Workbench, using the following URL:…

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SQL vs SOQL what are the differences? | Ben Analyst

In today’s video we are going to talk about the difference between SQL and SOQL.
The business Analyst wears many hats, and one them is the hat of data analyst. That is why SQL is a very important skills to have as business analyst. It allows you to better understand and interpret documents that contain results from databases, and it enables you to conduct a deeper analysis of the data stored in relational databases. In addition, it allows you to better communicate with developers and database administrators.
Salesforce has his own query language similar to SQL:
It is called SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language). It is used to query data from your Salesforce Organization. Software engineers or analysts with a background in SQL may find SOQL to be syntactically familiar, but there are a few key differences to be aware of before getting started.
What can you use SOQL for?
Unlike SQL, SOQL is a language exclusively for querying the database rather than modifying data like in traditional SQL. There are no INSERT or UPDATE statements. Changing data is done using Salesforce’s UI or Apex DML, part of Salesforce’s proprietary programming language. In SOQL, Salesforce Objects are represented as SQL tables.
Where to write SOQL queries in Salesforce?
There are a few different options for writing SOQL queries. You can use the Developer Console Query Editor within Salesforce, Salesforce Workbench, using the following URL:…​
You can login using your salesforce account.

You can also use Inline SOQL within Apex code. But I believe Workbench is a lot easier because it displays all queryable objects and fields, and it allows you to quickly export results to a CSV file. Workbench also provides the option to write queries declaratively, which is helpful for beginners without much SQL experience.

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